limestone transportation using slurry pumps

May 25, 2015 · With particle size under 20mm, the limestone goes into limestone silo through unloading bucket, vibration feeder, crusher, bucket elevator and is transported by weight belt conveyor into web ball mill to be grinded into slurry with certain density. After being separated by hydrocyclone, limestone slurry of 325 meshes is yielded, which is stored in limestone slurry storage tank and limestone slurry supply …


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The flow rates are large and the limestone slurry is abrasive. Depending upon customer preference, normal centrifugal or rubber-lined slurry pumps are commonly used. CO 2 scrubbers are similar but may use one of a variety of different solvents. Ammonia and various recipes of amine are used

erosion wear on centrifugal pump casing due to slurry flow

Oct 15, 2016 · The slurry is transported to the desired place using a centrifugal pump. The impact of small particles causes the surface of the volute casing to be eroded, reducing the life of the centrifugal pump. The pump casing needs to be replaced every three months for smooth running of the plant

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The incoming feed is 150 mm limestone. Ball mills Ball mill is used to grind the limestone particles of size 30 mm down to size of above 72-mesh size. Cyclones The limestone particles of size 72 mesh from the ball mills are sent into a cyclone which stirs the slurry at a high speed of about 130 m3/hr

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slurry into the pump body using various auger designs and ... quarry equipment has allowed coarser flint and limestone parti- ... energy for slurry transportation is spent on transportation of

do you have any feedback on using diaphragm pumps for lime

Dec 22, 2016 · Best answer: It is actually possible to use diaphragm pumps for lime slurry metering. But you need to know which ones. I've used them for many years with slurry of 50 to 80 g/l. It takes a stainless steel hydraulic pump with stainless steel valves. NB: you need to rinse out the pump and the valves with each stop

slurry piping systems, its design and instrumentation

Slurry piping system, like nay other system, consists of slurry pumps, pipelines and valves. Special considerations relevant to this systems are introduced by the fact that slurry in not homogeneous phase (unlike gas or liquid)

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Under favorable installation conditions, hydraulic transportation cost can be 50%–60% less than the cost of rail transportion. Slurry proportions for efficient transportation through rubber-lined pipes are visually of the order of 50% solids by weight. Operating pressures in long-distance slurry pipelines are in the 7000–1000 kPa range

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Dec 16, 2019 · Important considerations when selecting a slurry pump type for series pumping A wide range of applications require the use of a slurry transportation circuit, including mine dewatering, backfill, tailings disposal, ash disposal, hydraulic ore …

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Inlet Design for Lime Slurry Applications. The Pump Experts. Wilfley Kpro ®, K, and HD slurry pumps are very commonly used in lime slurry applications. Their unique design makes them almost perfect for this duty, but care must be taken in the inlet design to ensure proper operation. Kpro ®, K, and HD are all designed with their suction on the side of the pump, and with the impeller facing the motor, so that the …

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GEHO® crankshaft driven piston diaphragm pumps can transport slurry through a 550 km pipeline and pump slurry more than 2,000 m uphill. “We have continued to increase our pump capacity based on our extensive installation experiences and in-depth research and development,” says Erik Vlot, Product Manager for Slurry Transportation …

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Mar 03, 2021 · Normal gland water flow rates for slurry pumps can be as low as 5 m 3 /hr to as much as 25 m 3 /hr if the pump packing is really worn-out. Ideally, gland seal water is sourced from a clean, cool water supply, such as filtered river water. However, since clean water is such a precious commodity in the oil sands, many operators use …

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Consequently, it is very important to select and size slurry pumps to match the application. The aim of this handbook is to give guidance in the sizing and selection of slurry pumps for different pumping applications. The handbook presents the basics and gives practical tips on how to minimize the costs for hydraulic transportation of solids

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If the lime needs to be converted into a lime slurry, a lime slurry tank can be requested and equipped with an agitator and a water supply control valve. To transport the lime slurry solution we use pumps. We generally recommend peristaltic pumps. The pumps …

underground mining slurry transportation viability

Underground mining requires lot of water pumping to surface which increases cost. Because of safety, support, ventilation and environment costs underground mines are closing down gradually all over the world. This innovative paper is based on method studies by computer programming with realistic data. With development of electronic control systems, coal water slurry mix can be remote

slurry pipelines: an economic solution to transportation

Therefore for slurry pipelines to be economic, the distance of transportation will have to be long. In recent times, polyethylene pipes have proven to be very cost effective to transport copper, iron ore, phosphates and gold concentrates. They have high resistance to slurry abrasion, prolonged wear life, high ductility and toughness properties



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